• Orbita is a young company, established in 1997, has already became a market leader of premium winder production. It is possible by combining the latest developments in the tech industry with exquisite high-quality materials and the finest Italian design. The company offers two made-in-the-USA, patented winding movements: rotorwind and programmable.

  • Since 1981, Volta company has become one of the most successful watch winder producers in the market. They found a perfect combination of modern style, high-quality materials, functionality and affordable price. The brand is presented by a wide range of units: from compact single and double winders to luxurious cabinets for thirty two watches to fit your finest collection. Most of automatic winders feature a smooth piano-like finish, fine leather interior and ultra quiet Japanese Mabuchi motor that is powered by a supplied AC adapter. Moreover each box is equipped with LCD screen that displays all the information required to control the winder.

  • Diplomat is a very young company that specializes in manufacture of automatic watch winders and accessories. If you are looking for visually appealing, well-made and affordably priced winder unit, Diplomat is a great choice. They have a traditional design featuring high-quality plastic, carbon fiber, cherry and burl wood finish with faux leatherette interior. Diplomat winders are equipped by a silent Japanese Mabuchi motor that is power by AC adapter.

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