Anatomy Of Automatic Watch Winder

Published: August 15th, 2017
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A watch winder serves one useful purpose to wrist watch owners: to provide a constant motion for automatic watches in order to preserve their energy. There are different models, designs, colors, and sizes you can buy. They come either as stand up watch winders or built in watch winders, as well as display types of either a cabinet, box, or showy window.

When you have a watch in an Orbita watch winder, it is very important that the watch has to run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even though you can stop a watch and rewind it to the correct time, it can be a painful undertaking if you own and collect many different watches and not know how to tune them all. A watch winder is capable of eliminating these issues that watch collectors face, and especially save them time of updating each and every watch every now and then.

Inside of the watch winder, the watch is fastened into a brace. This brace is powered by a small motor that rotates, and the watch rotates along with it in order to be kept in motion so that the watch stays wound properly. The steady rotation of a watch winder will assure that watches that can also keep track of date, will also be set correctly, even after long period of time when the watch has not been worn or adjusted. The purpose of this is to also preserves the finest of wrist watches from being worn out from improper use.

Watch winders greatly vary in size. The cheapest watch winders can fit in the palm of your hand, while the biggest ones are 5 feet tall and occupy some space in your bedroom, while offering many more features, of course. Simple, singular watch winders can cost only a couple hundred dollars. Orbita watch winders that can store 2, 4, 8, 12, 16 or even more watches will cost much more money, due to the extra motors for each watch that are required. Premium watch winders with distinct styles, such as metal, leather, and polished wood, for multiple watches will cost several to tens of thousands of dollars to buy.

The better half of watch winders will have custom speed settings, in which the consumer is able to adjust the rotation (from clockwise, counter-clockwise, and bi-directional) as well has how many rotations in a day that the watch will spin.

Along with a premium watch winder, there is much more that it can do, such as store or display other jewelry. Many high priced watch winders can store rings, gold chains, and bracelets inside drawers or special compartments below the watch winding area.

Opposed to inexpensive watch winders, some premium Orbita watch winders can go to "sleep" like how you would make a computer sleep. When a watch winder is "sleeping", the watch will behave as if being worn during the day by the user, so this eliminates the need of having to wear the watch all the time and saves the watch winder energy. Some watch winders can be put to sleep at fixed times of the day set by the user.

Many watch winders have locks. If you are hosting a party it will pay to have your priceless watch locked in its winder, whether you are having guests wander around your living room, or one guest unexpectedly sneaks about your bedroom, you can display it with pride and still be able to keep it safe and secure.

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